Nov. 18 vs Dauphin Kings, Blake Lewandoski

9 Games ’til x-mas!

It’s the time of year that can be tough on a young hockey player away from family, thinking about how close they are to being home for the holidays and a little break….. but the Neepawa Natives remain focused on the task ahead.  5 of 9 of the remaining games from now until break are home games and anyone who has been watching all year knows that with this squad, every game is winnable.

We have 5 players on the team that have eclipsed the 20-point mark as of November 30, 2017, with 3 of these guys in the top 20 in the league.  At any given time in a game these guys can pierce the amour of any of the league’s top defense/goalie tandems.  Our rookies have combined for 81 pts to date and are contributing to the success of the 3 guys in the top 20 by making other teams respect their abilities and not be able to zone in on one scoring line.  The depth in skill and ability has been exciting to watch to date, and I’m sure will continue through December and into the new year.  How can you help?

One key to coming out above .500 for the month is taking advantage of the 5 home games by us filling the stands with loud and boisterous fans applauding every good play the team makes.  I encourage everyone to take the time out of the busy December schedules to hit the rink and let off some steam from your day to day life by being loud in one of the only public places it is proper to do so!  Take your little ones to the rink; for players,  slapping high 5’s to fans reaching over the stands on the way out to the ice surface does more to ‘pump’ up a player than you would think.  Excitement spurs excitement, excitement leads to positive adrenaline, positive adrenaline creates effort and energy, effort and energy creates goals, hits, goalies stopping pucks and so on, I think you get my point.  The wins start with our great staff finding players, great coaching leading these young men on and off the ice of course, but don’t be fooled!  You and I and the rest of the fans have an important skin in the game!

So today our team is sitting tied for 5th in the league and they are playing the team they are tied with at home on Friday December 1st, really a 4pt game one could say.  I think a win Friday would be the perfect way for everyone involved to start off December, and what better place to be but with family and friends at the rink cheering on the home team!  Just like the days of old, fans and players alike making hockey great again.

See you at the Madhouse!