Neepawa Natives Seek Assistant Coach for 2017-2018 Season

The Neepawa Natives are seeking an Assistant Coach for the 2017-2018 season.  

  • Assisting with organizing physicians, dentists, physiotherapists, and counseling as needed for maintaining player’s health including maintaining standards for physical fitness;
  • Assist GM and Head Coach in game preparation;
  • Assist GM and Head Coach in all game video analysis;
  • Assisting all on-ice activities of the players including games and practices, all training to improve the players’ skills, fitness and development of offensive and defensive strategies for the Hockey Club;
  • Assisting and encouraging players with off-ice activities including schools, jobs, and community activities, fitness and nutritional training;
  • Assisting and supervising players in attending promotional activities of the Hockey Club
  • Arranging for travel, accommodations and meals for all road trips
  • Maintaining liaisons with other teams for the purpose of recruiting and/or encouraging players to develop their talent for the Hockey Club;
  • Assisting the GM and/or Head Coach as required in maintaining registration of players and support staff of the Hockey Club to maintain good standing at all times with the MJHL and Hockey Manitoba and providing all documentation and information to both organizations when required to do so;
  • Assisting with assigning players to billets for room and board and maintaining good will with all billets and compliance with billeting rules of the Hockey Club.  The staff will work closely with the Billet Coordinator of the Hockey Club.
  • Assisting the Board of Directors of the Hockey Club and its volunteers with promotion of the Hockey Club in the community and attending functions for that purpose when they do not conflict with attendance at practices or games or meetings to recruit or trade players;
  • Maintaining and expanding a scouting network for the Hockey Club including a network of college contacts and maintaining scouting records, preparation and distribution of recruiting packages and meeting with players and player’s families for recruitment of players;
  • Assist with Hockey Club’s fall and spring camps;

Please forward resumes to nnatives@mymts.net

If you have questions about the position contact General Manager Myles Cathcart at 204.841.1555c