Season Ticket Trip Campaign Nearing End

The Neepawa Natives are in the midst of the 2019-20 Season Ticket campaign. Be sure to get your ticket before May 31 to qualify for the Kansas City/Blue Jays baseball trip. Please see the ads below.

Thanks to our Neepawa Fan Support Group for putting up this great prize. If the winner wants to take to more people on the baseball trip, they can so so for an additional $599 each.

The lucky winner of the baseball trip will be chosen June 1 at our Boston Pizza Season Ticket Bash.
That night will also be the last Chase-The-Ace game and it is a “must-win” event.

GM and Coach Ken Pearson plans to announce the team’s auto-protect list and player signings that night.
It should be a fun event so we hope to see you there!